What Are the Types of Hot Yoga, and What Poses Can You Try?

What Are the Types of Hot Yoga, and What Poses Can You Try?'

Whether you are just a beginner in yoga or have been in exercise for a long time, you may have already heard of hot yoga and its benefits to your physical and mental health. These words are exciting and feel good: detoxification, sweating, body and mind relaxation. This article will discuss hot yoga types and poses you can try during your yoga sessions.

You need to learn which yoga poses can help you relax your mind and body while giving you many other health benefits. Since it has countless advantages, hot yoga has been popular for a long time.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the types of hot and what poses you can try.

Different Types of Hot Yoga

Since hot yoga was introduced, it has taken many forms. You may already know about them. But let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Types of Hot Yoga
Types of Hot Yoga

1. Bikram Hot Yoga:

It is a type of hot yoga that has 26 poses, and all of them are practiced at a temperature of 105 degrees. Bikram Choudhury from India first introduced the Bikram style of hot yoga. He joined and invented 25 new poses believed to heal the human body and mind. All these poses were practiced by Bikram’s students in a heated room set at 105 degrees. 

It is known as one of the most effective yoga styles that improve the body’s flexibility, sweat out toxins from your body and get a cardiovascular workout to help you stay healthy. This type of hot yoga has a specific militaristic style compared to the other forms of hot yoga. The Bikram hot yoga session usually lasts for 90 minutes.

If you are seeking a cool and relaxing atmosphere to perform yoga, Bikram yoga is certainly not for you.

2. Power Vinyasa Yoga:

The Baptiste power vinyasa yoga is a variation of hot yoga developed by Baron Baptiste. It is different from conventional Bikram yoga as it involves multiple styles of yoga, such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Bikram. Each class is different and is entirely based on the instructor who teaches the class. However, participants are also encouraged to follow their exercise while practicing the poses during hot yoga sessions. You can easily find the best hot yoga center in Dubai, where you can take a membership and start taking lessons.

Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga’s room temperature is usually set at 90 degrees. If you are seeking a hot yoga studio that gives you a real vibe, then YOFIT YoFLO class is a great option.

3. Moksha Hot Yoga:

Ted Grand designed the Moksha hot yoga style. This type of hot yoga uses the same sequence for each class, but not necessarily. It also depends on the instructors. The Moksha hot yoga classes are 90 minutes long and start with a relaxation pose, which helps calm the mind before starting the practice. Trainers usually design the classes according to their students, focusing on developing strength and flexibility of the body muscles.

Although you will find multiple variations between Moksha studios, nothing can match the eco-conscious and clean environment of YOFIT hot studios. If you’ve made up your mind about hot yoga practice, get your membership plan with us and get an offer.

4. Hot Power Yoga:

Hot power yoga is the most popular hot yoga practice and is considered an umbrella because there are few limitations compared to others. It mainly has roots in traditional Ashtanga and other basic hot yoga classes. Hot power yoga is not specifically a style or yoga school of thought. This kind of hot yoga involves different classes but with common principles such as using Vinyasa flow to move from pose to pose or setting room temperature anywhere between 85-100 degrees.

If someone does not like to practice the same sequence of poses and likes to add some variations to their regular hot yoga classes, then hot power yoga is the ultimate solution.

You will sweat a lot no matter which kind of hot yoga you pick for your sessions. So, ensuring you are hydrated before, during, and after your hot yoga classes is important. With heating and sweating during hot yoga classes, you can see a significant improvement in your waistline, stamina, muscle flexibility, and strength of your body.

Different Poses of Hot Yoga:

There are hundreds of different hot yoga poses, but we have listed a few that you can easily try and add to your hot yoga routine.

1. Pranayama

The hot yoga pose makes you stand still and take deep and long breaths. This particular hot yoga pose enables you to strengthen your respiratory system. It does wonders for people who regularly practice this pose. Moreover, it helps you in improving oxygen circulation throughout your whole body.

2. Ardha Chandrasana

As the name suggests, Ardha Chandra means half-moon. This specific hot yoga pose helps improve digestive organs’ function with a positive impact on abdominal muscles and the spine.

3. Utkatasana

It is considered one of the most awkward poses in hot yoga as it makes you become a chair. Not literally, but you will be posing like one. It has an impact on your thigh muscles.

4. Garudasana

This yoga pose is also known as the Eagle Pose and is undoubtedly one of the hardest hot yoga poses. That being said, it is almost like a compound weightlifting exercise in which you involve your joints, which ultimately enhances your body mobility.

5. Dandayamana-Janushirasana

Like the Garudasana, this hot yoga pose is also considered one of the most complex poses. It is an excellent addition to your hot yoga exercise list if you wish to strengthen calves, quadriceps, and your core.

6. Dandayamana Dhanurasana

The more complex names you will listen to, the more difficult they are to perform. This specific hot yoga pose is also known as Standing Bow Pulling Pose, which is popular for improving the blood while increasing the body’s balance and strength.

7. Tuladandasana

It is known as the Standing Stick Pose in general and is one of the best hot yoga poses to improve core strength, balance, and muscle strength simultaneously.

8. Trikonasana

People generally know this pose as Triangle Pose in hot yoga poses, and it is believed to be effective and key in improving physical and mental health. Moreover, it is the best stretching exercise for people who lift weights.

9. Tadasana

It is popularly known as the Tree Pose, one of the hot yoga poses that improve the body balance and strength of the muscles and joints.

10. Padangustasana

It is generally known as the Toe Stand hot yoga pose and is considered one of the most useful poses to strengthen your joint muscles and increase mobility.

11. Savasana

Whenever we talk about the best hot yoga poses, Savasana comes among the top poses. It is known as Corpse Pose, in which you will have to lie on your back and nothing else. It is simple, yet one of the most effective hot yoga poses.

12. Pavanamuktasana

Again, this is one of the most effective hot yoga poses that help you with body pain. Generally known as wind removal pose, it is helpful for people suffering from back pain. Get rid of your chronic pain with the best hot yoga center in Dubai.

13. Padahastasana

It is the Hand Under Foot pose, an effective hot yoga pose, not only an excellent stretching exercise, but it greatly helps you improve core strength and concentration.

14. Bhujangasana

It is also known as Cobra Pose and is highly recommended to people with sciatic pains and lower back pinch.

15. Salabhasana

If you want to give your lower back more strength, try this hot yoga pose. It is more effective on the buttocks and the hips.

16. Poorna Salabhasana

The full locust pose helps work the body’s midsection, providing great strength to your core.

17. Dhanurasana

This is yet another useful hot yoga pose that goes by the name of Bow Pose. It is effective on the chest and shoulder while strengthening your spine.

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How many types of hot yoga are there?

There are several styles of hot yoga, including Bikram Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Power Yoga, and Moksha Hot Yoga.

How should I prepare for class? 

Drink as much water as possible before starting the hot yoga class, and avoid large meals at least three hours before your session.

Can I practice hot yoga with a previous injury?

Yes, of course. Hot yoga has an incredible ability to help heal all types of injuries.

Is hot yoga a good workout?

Yes! Hot yoga is an excellent way to work out that heals your body from pain while increasing your strength and flexibility of the body.

Will I lose weight with hot yoga?

Yes, you will lose weight with our hot yoga classes that offer a great cardiovascular workout and will burn your fat.