On your first visit to YOFIT Hot Studios every attendee is required to sign and agree to our studio waiver and terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions and waiver carefully and indicate any physical injuries or any other conditions we should be aware of. Please make sure the instructor is aware of any injuries you have before entering the YOFIT class. Every individual must sign in via the ‘Kiosk self-check in option’ or must check in directly with reception before attending a class at YOFIT Hot Studios.

All attendees should arrive 5 minutes before the class start time. Individuals are strictly not allowed to enter the YOFIT studio room if they arrive after 5 minutes of the class commencing. This is to ensure the safety of the class for the individual and also ensures other clients experiences at YOFIT Hot Studios is not interrupted.

At YOFIT Hot Studios we offer individual single credits, credit class packages and unlimited membership packages. Our packages are nontransferable, non-shareable and expiry dates should be noted on each package.

All classes at YOFIT Hot Studios must be paid for in advance of the class commencing. The studio accepts online payments, cash and credit card payments in studio.

Class Bookings can be made via our glofox app, the YOFIT Hot Studios website, through WhatsApp or via phone call to reception. To guarantee a space in our classes we strongly advise you to pre-book your space.
Private Classes, Group Classes, Private Events and Corporate Events can be booked via WhatsApp, phone call or email.

If you require to change or cancel your booking please provide a minimum 3 hour notice period for group classes and a 24 hour notice period for private classes or private group classes. A failure to do so will mean your class will be charged.

All credit packs and unlimited packages at YOFIT Hot Studios are nonrefundable, no transferable and non-shareable. We are unable to offer any refund unless the individual is deemed medically unfit to participate in our classes. A medical certificate would need to be provided in order to receive a refund for this purpose. All packages have expiration dates also.

If you realize you are pregnant please advise the instructor before class. We don’t advise pregnant women to practice classes at YOFIT Hot Studios if you would still like to practice a separate waiver would need to be signed prior to the class. Otherwise your package can be frozen or the value can be exchanged for private or semi-private prenatal classes at YOFIT.

All personal belongings should be stored in the lockers provided at YOFIT and not taken inside the studio space itself. The studio is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

At YOFIT we advise individuals to wear stretchy activewear. We advise to avoid wearing any cotton clothing materials in our classes. Please remember we have a strict no shoes policy inside the studio room.

Please remember to be quiet in the studio space itself as you enter, as you leave and for the duration of the class. Please avoid bringing your mobile phone inside the studio space or if this is unavoidable please make sure the phone is on silent.

If you still require any more information or clarifications about our studio or our classes please do check out our FAQ section or reach out to reception directly via WhatsApp, phone or email.