FAQ's YOFIT Hot Studios

Common Questions

Simply put, YOFIT offers a range of YOFIT Style classes in a heated room ranging from 35- 40 degrees!

Yes, we are a heated YOFIT Studio, so all of our classes are hot!


Yes – At YOFIT, we pride ourselves on maintaining a super clean space at all times. In between each class, the studio space is cleaned along with a daily deep clean!

The studio space itself incorporates a unique state of the art 3 part system:

  • A high-end infrared heating system
  • A superior ventilation system
  • A specialized humidity system

These 3 elements combined ensure YOFIT Hot Studios is known as the safest heated studio in Dubai!

All our classes range from 35 – 40 degrees Celsius! Some are warmer than others – check out our class descriptions which outline the temperatures for each class!

There are so many benefits to stretching and working out in a heated environment! Firstly – due to the heat, it is much easier to stretch the body more safely and more effectively! Other benefits include strengthening and toning muscles, building focus and endurance, detox, and metabolic boosts – the list is endless!

The heating element definitely makes our YOFIT classes much more challenging than your average class. Therefore, it’s super important to listen to your body and remember to slow down and take breaks as required!

We would advise no more than one hot yoga class per day, assuming you are hydrated and healthy!

Best to wear stretchy activewear! Best to avoid cotton materials or loose-fitting clothes!

Water is the most important in our heated classes, and also wear appropriate stretchy activewear!

No – YOFIT Hot Studios is not a Bikram Hot Yoga Studio as traditionally a Bikram Hot Yoga Studio only offers one type of heated class. This class never changes and consists of 26 poses + 2 breathing exercises every time.

So just to clarify – YOFIT Hot Studios offers a range of different heated yoga classes in which  we offer the bikram class itself referred to as Yo26 on the YOFIT Schedule. If you are a fan of Bikram Hot Yoga we look forward to seeing you at YOFIT!

Generally speaking, we do not advise people to practice heated classes while pregnant, especially if you have never tried heated classes before! However, we know plenty of people who have had a steady hot yoga practice pre-pregnancy and have continued heated classes throughout! Feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp or call or come in and speak to us directly in the studio if you would like more information!

If it’s your first time best to arrive 15 mins before class!

We are located on the Ground Floor of Onyx Tower 2 (connected to Zabeel House) directly behind French Bakery! If you’re having trouble finding us, please WhatsApp us at +971585924135 or call us directly, of course!

Yes, we offer 2 hours free parking for all our YOFIT customers! Parking is on the ‘visitor parking’ – level P2 for Onyx. All customers must get their parking ticket stamped at reception for the 2 hours of free parking!

All customers should park on level P2 Onyx Parking. From there, enter level P2 of the building via the car park. Walk straight for 100m to the escalator. Take the escalator down one level to Ground Floor. YOFIT Hot Studios is on the right.

You can sign up for a hot YOFIT class via our website, download the GloFox App, or simply call or WhatsApp us!

If you are new to the heat, you should try our ‘Yo26’ or our YoYIN class first. These classes are slower-paced – you will have the opportunity to get used to the heat and gain an understanding of the basics while also understanding the challenge of our signature classes!

Best to lie down or take a child’s pose (a resting pose) if you feel dizzy in class. This can be due to dehydration or simply not being used to the heat, and it usually passes quickly! Having said that, feel free to mention it to the instructor if you feel like this!

Absolutely – All YOFIT Hot classes are for all levels. In each class, options are given to ensure everybody is challenged in their own way based on each individual’s ability!

Best to eat something small 1 – 2 hours before class, something light such as fruit, yogurt, a smoothie, etc.! Best to avoid large meals pre-class, and of course, we advise drinking water 1-2 hours before class to ensure adequate hydration levels!

Have any other specific questions for us?
Feel free to WhatsApp us at +971585924135, call us or email [email protected] if you have any other questions/queries!