YoYIN is our signature heated YIN class. This class is all about releasing deep connective tissues in the body. Each YoYIN class begins with gentle movement to warm up the body and follows with longer hold yin postures. Mentally these long hold postures can be challenging but that’s the point!

Holding a pose for an extended period teaches us to sit with uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, or physical sensations as they occur. The combination of ‘heat’ and ‘yin postures’ is known to improve flexibility, circulation and joint mobility while also releasing stress, anxiety and tension simultaneously. Each YoYIN Class is a little different, however, all include a sequence of long hold passive stretches combined with mindful breathing techniques.

Points to note:
  • This class is for all levels
  • All YoYIN classes are heated to YoYIN temperature to 35 degrees (approx.)
  • All clients are encouraged to carry water for this class
  • Clients will be provided with a YOFIT mat and an anti-slip towel for class

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