YoFLY is our signature FLY class which primarily focuses on arm balances and inversions. A challenging fun filled dynamic FLY class is to be expected with a strong emphasis on postures and movements to open and strengthen the parts of the body required to ‘FLY’ effectively!

YOFLY is an all levels class : individuals should firstly be excited at the prospect of ‘FLY-ing’. Secondly individuals can expect to shift and gain perspective in YOFLY. Prepare to work hard physically and mentally and in the process flip your mindset from ‘what if I fall’ to ‘oh but what if I FLY’…

Each YoFLY class is a little different, however, all will include a range of standing and seated postures to build and prepare your body for arm balances and inversions. Individuals as always at YOFIT are encouraged to take the option which suits their body best!

Points to note:
  • This class is for all levels
  • All YoFLY classes are heated to 36 degrees (approx.)
  • All clients are encouraged to carry water for this class
  • Clients will be provided with a YOFIT mat and anti-slip towel for class

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